Brake Service & Repairs

Your vehicle is heavy, and, when traveling around Temecula at even a low rate of speed, it can be damaging or even deadly if you are unable to make a speedy stop. If you have noticed that your brakes aren’t working as well as they should, it is crucial that you make the necessary repairs. However, if you are unsure of how to do the job yourself, you should seek professional help. After all, a simple mistake such as getting air in the lines can prove dangerous. Our staff has everything you need to get your brake service done, and we work swiftly to get to the root of the problem and get you safely back on the road.

Warning Signs Trouble is on the Way

The brake system is an intricate one, and there are a number of components to take into consideration when a problem exists. From the brake master cylinder and power brake booster to drum brakes, electronic anti-lock brake sensors and more, there are so many things that can go wrong. However, by paying attention to the signs your car has to offer, you can help us in making a speedy diagnosis. Among the things to look for in brake issues and repairs include:

  • Brake dashboard glows amber indicative of an issue with the anti-lock brake system
  • Brake dashboard glows red indicative of a system imbalance
  • Brake pedal feels spongy and is slow to respond indicative of air in the system
  • Grinding or squealing during braking

Brake Service: Safety Is Our Number One Concern

When you choose Temecula Tire and Auto Repair, you will quickly realize that your safety is our number one concern. When we work on your brakes repairs, we take the time to do a complete inspection to best ensure you are safe to face the road. Stop by today.